Equal Day 2018

Collaborative law and business

31.05.2018 - Brussels

31 MAY 2018 - FLAGEY

EQUAL DAY 2018 was a great success.: Now we’re hard at work preparing the 2019 edition!


EQUAL DAY is a yearly event that allows the participants to discuss a specific topic. It is open to anyone who is interested. The topic of EQUAL DAY 2018 was ‘Collaborative law and business’.

The collaborative economy has become an important economic and social phenomenon that is constantly evolving. But what are the real aspects of a genuinely collaborative economy?

There may be countless initiatives in this area, but is the collaborative economy actually a targeted response to the economic and social problems we are increasingly facing?

These questions and many others were discussed during the 2018 edition of EQUAL DAY.

Sharing, collaboration, ‘uberisation’, common goods, virtual currencies, new governance, shared mobility solutions… On Thursday 31 May 2018, the Flagey building - the former home of the National Institute for Radio Broadcasting (NIR) - hosted a one-day event focusing on collaboration, where some 550 participants exchanged views between 9 am and 10 pm.

EQUAL DAY allowed visitors to participate in a total of 27 hours and 30 minutes of reflection, exchanges of views and debates - some more heated than others - between over a hundred high-level speakers.

The theme of EQUAL DAY 2019 will be announced in late August 2018. Meanwhile, we invite you to have a look at our BLOG to follow up on the debates, consult the documents that came out of the workshops, watch videos and see photos.

You can also keep the discussions going in the comments section under every blog post.

Flagey - Studio 4

Plenary sessions: Listen and debate


Workshops: Exchange and build

  • Debate & experiences


    Collaborative mobility versus urban immobility?

    The mobility of goods and people has always played an important role in the functioning of modern societies. However, at the same time, it is facing three major challenges: climate change, air pollution, and urban congestion.

    Location location icon Studio 2 - Equal Day 2019

  • Debate


    Commons: a new method of public government?

    What are the assets and resources that could be organised in the form of 'commons' in a country like Belgium? How do we model this new type of management in the interest of its stakeholders (citizens, public powers, private sector)?

    Location location icon Studio 3 - Equal Day 2019

  • Innovative Workshop


    New systemic business models - Holistic Business Model Canvas

    How to get businesses out of trouble? Which new business models will thrive tomorrow's businesses? Which economic solutions are available to us today?

    Location location icon Studio 3 - 6th Systemic Economy Summit

  • Workshop "Human Shift"


    Accompanying change on a daily basis

    How to support companies in change? How to accompany people in personal change on a professional level?

    Location location icon Studio 2 - 6th Systemic Economy Summit

  • Round table


    What is the lawyer of the future?

    What will the 'lawyer of the future' be in the context of a society evolving towards a better form of living together? We want to address this point through a white paper written collaboratively.

    Location location icon Studio 3 - Equal Day 2019

  • Round table


    Open Law

    To be able to help everyone, law should be shared. But how do we implement open law?

    Location location icon Studio 2 - Equal Day 2019


Collaborate with the programme

Do you have an idea for a workshop, seminar or activity? Would you like to participate and contribute to the event? Send your proposal by e-mail to hello@equalday.eu or contact us through our social networks.

Seminars: Learn - Discover - Appreciate

  • Workshop


    Participative democracy

    Does reconciling politics with citizens require implementing a participative democracy? Does our hyper-connected society call into question the current system of representative democracy?

    Location location icon Studio 1 - Equal Day 2019

  • Case studies & examples



    Cooperatives: a legal model suited to the collaborative economy? How to take into consideration the growing need for legal frameworks adapted to collaborative structures.

    Location location icon Studio 1 - Equal Day 2019

  • Case studies & Examples


    Local and citizen currencies

    A passing trend or a real catalyst for a type of economic development that respects people and the environment? Physical or virtual local currencies: the benefits and issues.

    Location location icon Flagey - Studio 1 - Equal Day 2019


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