Equal Day 2019

The future of work

Is working a necessity, an obligation or a pleasure? Do we need to re-evaluate the relation that exists today between work and revenue? Do we work to live or live to work?

Is remunerated work the only kind of work? Do we work for survival, for well-being or for recognition? Would a universal basic income allow us to do what we love and feel better in our professional environment? Would a universal basic income increase or decrease our consumption?

In these 90 minutes, we will discuss the link between our work and our revenue. We will question why we strive to increase our income. Is it to compensate for unremunerated work elsewhere? Do we take refuge in consumption to compensate for a professional activity that doesn’t fulfil us?

We will also question the ambitions and consequences of a universal basic income: does it incite laziness? Does it aim to reduce inequality? And if so, what sort of inequality? Do we want to go further? Do we want to get rid of a concept of employment that is essentially linked to earning a wage in a company, and which marginalises and attaches a stigma to anyone who is excluded from this system? 

Some suggest offering indispensable goods and services for free as an alternative to a universal basic income. What do we think of this?


Pierre Slegers: Pierre(at)equalday.eu
Sophie Jacques: Sophie(at)equalday.eu