Equal Day 2019

Inaugural session - speech by Mehdi Kassou, spokesman of BXL Refugees | The collaborative economy: a genuine new economic model?

The collaborative economy: the Trojan Horse of a new globalisation of trade or a genuine new economic model? How to distinguish real collaborative projects.

Uber, Deliveroo, and AirBnB are captivating the attention of the public at large as well as policymakers through their innovative models based on new technologies. They either challenge traditional ways of doing business or generate new services in the guise of a collaborative economy.

But is it all a masquerade? Or are they just new players in the capitalist economy based on the creative destruction already heralded by economist Joseph Shumpeter in the mid-20th century? Were they initially inspired by the principles of the collaborative economy only to subsequently go off track? What sources of inspiration and characteristics can we glean from the collaborative economy?

Over 90 minutes, we will attempt to shed some light on the matter, with a discussion that covers many facets: what is the place of citizens, consumers, producers and public powers in the development of such an economy? These themes will be expanded on over the course of the day.


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