Equal Day 2019

What is the lawyer of the future?

What will the 'lawyer of the future' be in the context of a society evolving towards a better form of living together? We want to address this point through a white paper written collaboratively.

Based on initial estimates and predictions, the emergence of a collaborative economy and, beyond that, of a collaborative society, is set to shake up all professions. Legal professions are no exception to this. The question is, therefore, what will the 'lawyer of the future' look like?

The focus is placed not on the subject but on the role of the lawyer as a catalyst for change in a world that needs change to face its challenges. 

To define what the lawyer of the future will be in a collaborative society, a collaborative project has been launched. Inspired by the hacker ethic, this paper is to be drawn up based on the principle of sharing information and creating collective knowledge.

The workshop aims to define the process of drawing up this collaborative paper in the form of questions, answered by a collective of authors whose contributions have been administrated by a panel of moderators.


Bénédicte de Beys: Benedicte(at)equalday.eu