Equal Day 2019

A collaborative society: should the State be involved?

What is the role of public powers in the collaborative economy and more generally, in a collaborative society? Does this entail new policies and public government practices?

We talk about a State taken over by traditional economic operators, trapped by the market economy, to the point of allowing itself to be abused by these supposed 'collaborative' models. Is it paralysed by its very nature as a representative democracy that produces a culture and practices incompatible with the development of a collaborative society? What are the synergies between new modes of consumption and the involvement of public authorities?

What can we expect, if anything, from the public powers in Belgium to encourage this development? Does this entail new policies and public government practices? Should public services be designed and managed under a new legal framework?

Should we take the lead from what is already happening? A perfect example is Ghent, the pilot city for the ‘Commons Transition’?

We will cover all of these fascinating issues and question the status quo relating to the role of the State in society's development with you over these 90 minutes.


Joachim Lebeer: Joachim(at)equalday.eu
Camille de Bueger: Camille(at)equalday.eu
Gauthier Roland: Gautier(at)equalday.eu