Equal Day 2019

Experiences of collaborative projects: some stories to inspire you to make your own!

Sharing a wide range of experiences in terms of collaborative projects: obstacles and difficulties, successes or failures, we have plenty of avenues to explore to advance in our own projects.

Collaborative projects are on the rise in a wide range of domains, from food to accommodation, and from energy to media. These projects aim to encourage citizen participation and to create a community of 'go-getters'. Whether they are at a neighbourhood level or on a wider scale, similarities can be found in their respective experiences.

How did the collaborative project start? How did preparations go? What were the difficulties encountered in their organisation? And what were the successes? Which benefits do the various parties derive from these partnerships and what change did they generate in the end?

During this seminar, several speakers active in the collaborative economy will share their experiences in the field and their points of view.


Gauthier Roland: Gautier(at)equalday.eu